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Pinch hit; Strange Resemblences for cs_whitewolf

Title: Strange Resemblences
Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: Heroes, Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairing/Characters: Claude Raines, Captain Jack Harkness, conversation about their respective "Peter Petrelli's". Claude/Jack, hints of Jack/Peter & Claude/Peter
Warnings: Must have seen all ov season one of Heroes. Didn't mention any spoliers for Doctor Who or Torchwood.
Summary: Claude searches for answers November 9th. When he meets Jack Harkness who knows another man by the name of Peter Petrelli they have a little conversation.

Claude walked down the streets, invisible. Everyone around him was buzzing about as normal. Everything seemed normal. There was no trace of destruction, the type Peter has foreseen. Claude told himself that it was a good thing, perhaps Peter had learned something after all. It wasn't until he was in the middle of stealing a pretzel that he heard something about an explosion.

"It was massive, like a bomb went off in the sky." A teenaged boy was speaking into a cell phone. Claude followed him, not remembering to keep himself invisible. He wanted to figure out all he could about this explosion in the sky. He'd followed the boy about three blocks before the boy ran in a sprint. It wasn't wrong of him to be cautious. Claude sighed and ran his hand over his face. If Peter did explode somewhere, he should still be somewhat alive.

If you were going to explode, where would you fly? Claude wondered. There weren't any deserts very close by. He turned around and looked at the busy streets. He spotted a girl wearing flip flops. "The ocean." He whispered to himself. He flagged down a taxi and had the man drive him to the nearest docks.

When he got there he began inspecting the docks for any evidence that an explosion had happened. He didn't find anything, though something was very out of place. There was a big, blue, police box placed on the docks. A brown-haired man leaned against it, tapping his foot. Claude wondered if it was one of Peter's 'special' friends.

The man turned around as he heard someone approaching. "It's about time you finished, Doctor..." He trailed off when he saw Claude wasn't the man he was expecting. "Doctor, did you change back? Is that... possible for your likes?" Claude frowned at him.

"I'm not the doctor, Claude Raines, actually." Claude crossed his arms. "What do you do?" He asked, inspecting the police box. "Make police boxes pop up in New York, that's not very useful I'm afraid. No one uses these anymore." The man was still just looking at him. Staring might be a better word for it, actually.

"You look just like him." The man said in astonishment.

"Right. I'm looking for my..." Friend wasn't the right word, neither was enemy. Pet, or puppy would work great, but this man wouldn't understand. "co-worker." He lied easily. "Goes by the name of Peter Petrelli, do you know where he disappeared to?" The man laughed at him.

"That's not possible."

"What do you mean its not possible?" Claude began to grow impatient with this man.

"Peter Petrelli can't exist, not yet anyhow."

"Hmm I thought you were one of Petrelli's little friends. I guess not." Claude murmured. He turned on his heel and walked down the docks, away from the man. The man didn't stay in place though, instead he followed Claude in his search for Peter.

"I'm Captain Jack Harkness." He told Claude. "Maybe we're talking about different Petrelli's. There do happen to be a lot of them."

"Peter is about yeh high." Claude held up his hand, "Hazel eyes, Hair flops in front of his eyes a bit like a puppy, tends to be optimistic about things. That's the Peter Petrelli I'm talking about."

"We definitely aren't talking about the same Petrelli. The Peter Petrelli I know has short cropped hair, jaded, has a big scar running across his face." Jack explained. "Can't be the same Peter Petrelli. Had this cute little lopsided smile though, it's a rare privilege when you get to see that." Claude felt the beginnings of a smile as Jack mentioned a smile Claude knew well.

"Well this one smiles a bit too much, annoying really." Claude crossed his arms. "How do you know your Petrelli?" Claude asked him.

"I travel a lot." Jack told him. "Like finding new meat and the such." He looked over Claude. His beard was the only thing that could throw you off. But looking into his eyes, he looked so much like the Doctor. Claude rose his eyebrows at Jack.

"Whatever you say, mate."

“Jack!” A woman yelled from the blue police box. “The Doctor fixed it!”

“I’ll be right there!” Jack yelled back to her. “Nice to meet you, Claude Raines.” He abruptly kissed Claude. “Maybe I’ll see you around.” He winked and ran into the blue police box.

“What the hell…” Claude muttered to himself. Strange events like these were exactly why he liked to stay invisible.


HAHA! Just like Jack to throw someone off kilter like that!
Glad you approve, it's my first time trying to write Jack.
Please pardon my extremely late reply to this, but I've only just come across it!! :0

And can I just say how AWESOME this fic is!? XD I love how Claude has to try and think of an appropriate way to refer to Peter- bless him!- though I do agree, puppy would work just as well, heh.

You got Jack down wonderfully too- I'm so glad you had him recognising Claude as being in likeness to Nine and then throwing caution to the wind and kissing him :D

Thank you so much!
CS WhiteWolf
I'm so glad you think so. Claude is a hard personality to work with and I've never written a Doctor Who fic so I was so scared about Jack. So much so that I scourged YouTube for clips before even attempting this fic.

Glad to be your pinch-hitter! ;)

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